Graphic Design
Sabo Day works in Amsterdam and Zürich

(2018) 9 Coins / Visual Identity for Tlön Projects, custom typeface developed with Jung-Lee Typefoundry, code by Oz

(2015) For Katarzyna Szugajew's exhibition 'Casual Selecta' at Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej MD_S, Wroclaw, Poland.

(2018) Keychain for Kunstverein on the occasion of Merch March.

(2018) 'Pool 2' by Nora Turato, 150x200mm, 704p., produced by UKS, Oslo, printed by robstolk, Amsterdam. (2017) 'Pool 1' by Nora Turato, 150x200mm, 704p., printed by robstolk, Amsterdam.

(since 2016) New visual Identity for Kunsthaus Glarus (web, print, type design). Website developed by FLX.

(2017), a project by Maria Pask.

(2016) Brand-New-Life, Magazin für Kunstkritik. Developed by FLX.

(2017) De Appel art centre website / online identity. Developed by Carla Peer.

(2018) 'Fandom' by Brand-New-Life, Magazin für Kunstkritik. 175x250mm, 115p., printed by Tallinna Raamatutrükikoja, Estonia. Special member edition for B-N-L members.

(2017) ‘The 8 and The Fist’ by Barbara Kapusta, published by Gianni Manhattan Vienna, 120x180mm, 100p., printed by Remaprint, Vienna.

(2016) 'WT Papier' project space for the New York Art Book Fair 2016, with Eloise Harris and Robert Milne.