Recent work:

(2017) Campaign for the Kunsthaus Glarus and Kunsthalle Bern collab. show "Sie sagen, wo Rauch ist, ist auch Feuer", with HIT Berlin

(2017) Series of empty sparkling storage boxes. First on display at the Werkplaats Typografie End of The Year Show 2017 in Arnhem, now in storage.


(2017) Invitation for Lost & Found's 20th anniversary "knalfuif".

(2017) "The 8 and The Fist" by Barbara Kapusta, available at MOTTO. Published by Gianni Manhattan.

(2017) Online identity design for De Appel art centre, Amsterdam, with Özgür Kar.

Developed by Carla Peer, type support by Bold-Decisions.

(2017) Magazine ad and invitation for the exhibition Plattform17 "A WINTER SCHOOL".

(2016) New York Art Book Fair 2016 project space "WT Papier", with Eloise Harris and Robert Milne.

"Dear Moritz, Great to hear from you! Hope the opening was a success and would love to see the show at some point!

WT Papier is a project Eloise, Rob and myself initiated on the occasion of the NY Art Book Fair last September. The idea was to launch a new branch of the Werkplaats Typografie family, whilst testing the threshold of the NYABF towards the WT brand and its abilities to generate 'objects of desire'. We did that by refraining from selling any original copies of WT publications, but only black and white reproductions of them on the new paper, which came in 2 standardised formats and page counts, and were classified as 'paper dummies', with the 'sole purpose of promoting the paper and its properties'. The titles we decided to reproduce were a selection of mostly rarities from the WT archives (ca 18 titles in total). In other words, books we knew the American audience would already have some sort of relationship to (even if they only had seen them on Amazon as tiny jpg's for big amounts etc. During this time, it was also possible to order a paper dummy online, although with no option to choose the title, but only the dummy size. The paper is basically test/waste sheets of WT related print runs, which we overprinted with 6 layers of white offset ink on each side, creating a unique coating which also gave the different paper sources (glossy, matt etc.) a consistent feel, whilst still showing the visual properties of the papers previous life. We see this less as a nostalgic act, but more as a parasitic way of branding. The sheets (which we called base layers) would vary from all different sources (i think it was about 30 in total), and through that made every book unique. We printed 4 copies of each title, with no intention of printing more. But the hype experiment worked better then we thought, and we sold out our whole stock within the opening evening of the fair, leaving us with only one viewing copy of every dummy for the remaining 3 days. So we decided to take orders during that time, for which we made a second run. The leftovers of this second run are still available, but i couldn't tell you how many exactly. Here you can find image documentation of every title we made: I hope this helps! If you have any further questions just let us know.
Best Sabo"

(2016) Stage for Nora Turato's performance at Radio Kootwijk, Apeldoorn.

(since 2016) New visual identity for Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland, launched February 2016.

Web design, type design and ongoing print design.
Developed by FLX, type support by Bold-Decisions.

(since 2016) Brand-New-Life, online magazine for art criticism, Switzerland.

(2015) Cover illustration for the BESTIARIUM series, published by Forlaget Virkelig, designed by Line-Gry Hørup.

(2015) For Katarzyna Szugajews exhibition "Casual Selecta" at Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej MD_S, Wroclaw, Poland.

(2015) Poster for the HIV/AIDS benefit GayBasel Schiff, Switzerland.